At the heart of good business communication is words. My strength is in helping organisations to find and use the right words, writing engaging compelling copy, ensuring their internal and external communications are clear, consistent and effective.

Crucially, I ensure the tone of voice is appropriate for your audience, nurturing not alienating, winning their interest and building loyalty, persuading them to buy from you, support you, work or volunteer with you.

Learn more about my ‘‘wordsmithery’ here.

Call on me for:

  • Copywriting for offline materials, any medium, any audience
  • Content writing for the digital world: websites, blogs and social media
  • Proofreading, editing and refreshing tired text

“I have had the pleasure of using Nicki’s content creation skills for eight years, for company websites, case studies and promotional literature. The content is always of the highest standard due to Nicki’s attention to detail, and she takes time to fully understand the requirements and tone required for our specific audience profiles.”

Chris Rose, Head of Marketing, HIT Training

“While the look and functionality are very important, undoubtedly the words and what we are trying to convey are crucial. Nicki captured our key messages and communicated them skilfully.”

Adam Sparks, Director, Sparks Ellison

“Nicki has an amazing talent and a way with words that is exceptional. Her experience, knowledge and skills make her a thoroughly safe pair of hands.”

Julie Lamont, Former Volunteering Manager, Brendoncare