My approach and values

Areas of special interest to me are charities, healthcare, property and service sector organisations, but I relish the opportunity to work with any organisation with a good heart and a commitment to succeed.

Developing long-term relationships with organisations generates obvious benefits, most notably added value for clients. I believe I am best able to serve my clients, and deliver meaningful value-for-money results, through knowing and understanding their business. My nurturing approach enables me to immerse myself into the organisation’s culture, getting under its skin and understanding its key people, what makes it tick, what makes it special. This long-term strategic approach enables a close look at the brand, the corporate objectives and the identification of any communications holes. The challenge then is to work together to fill them.

Whatever your line of business, I can help you realise your full marketing potential by being clear about your objectives, making best use of the tools at our disposal, and through skilful use of the written word. No project too large or complex, no budget too small. I will be sure to make a meaningful difference.

When might you need me?

Long-term associations are when the magic really happens. Having said that, spotting opportunities and getting quickly up to speed is part of my skillset. So I am happy to take on one-off projects and short term contracts, and help with plugging gaps such as holidays and maternity cover. For those who want to become self-sufficient and manage their own PR and communications, I also offer training to clients’ teams, providing seamless back up at busy or challenging times.

My flexibility gives you freedom to choose what works for you:

  • Long-term relationships
  • One-off projects
  • Short-term contracts
  • Plugging gaps
  • Training for in-house solutions

My trusted team

Over the years I have built up a veritable squad of the best regional freelancers who join with me on collaborative projects from time to time. This bespoke service can be ramped up and scaled down, giving my clients access to an agile team of PR and marketing pros who share my love for communication.

If any third party expertise is needed, I also have a selection of tried and tested suppliers in fields such as photography, print, graphic design, film, digital marketing, direct mail, signage, branding, eLearning, website production and SEO. I am more than happy to manage these relationships on your behalf, delivering whole projects to you on time and within budget.

“Nicki provided superb assistance to our communications and marketing strategy during a period of huge growth for our business. Her professionalism and experience played a crucial role in our rebrand and new website, and helped us navigate through a successful sale. She slotted seamlessly into the senior management team, her experience at this level being very helpful.”

Helga Chapman, Founder, Chapman IP, acquired by Murgitroyd in 2019

“Nicki was a colleague trustee of mine at Trinity Winchester, where she added much needed value by leading the rebranding, creation of new website and the establishment of strong relationships with local stakeholders. I would strongly recommend Nicki for her expertise across a range of marketing and PR areas but also for someone who is particularly personable to work with.”

Peter North, Chair, Trinity Winchester

“I coined the phrase ‘Nickify’ which became common parlance throughout the organisation to mean ‘improve’, ‘polish’ or ‘make clear’. An instinctive and accomplished communicator, Nicki has impeccably high standards, warmth and compassion which brings success in all that she does. Not to mention a no nonsense, common sense approach to PR and Communications.”

John Derben OBE, Founder, Club Hampshire